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Hey guys! 10% off at if you use this code: PFNW10 Yay :D A pot of flocking powder is 5.80 dollars or 3.58 quid from Born Pretty Store. They become cheaper when you buy more than one :) This is my first time trying this flocking powder I've heard people rave about. I know a lot of people hate it because it's a bit weird and seems like you can't touch anything with this stuff on your nails. But it's totally not like that. If you don't mind the feel of fluffy nails all day long then this is such a cool manicure if you just want something a bit quirky. I had a few bankers and shop assistants intrigued and confused when I wore these designs. The leopard one was quite popular. I did try doing zebra stripes with it, but it looked like crap, LOL. Anyway, five days to go before the end of the world, so I'll upload a couple more Christmas designs before then :) Love you guys xx FACEBOOK ME: **DISCLAIMER** The flocking powder was sent to me for review but the opinions are my own. My nails are real. If you have superglue you could create a similar effect on your car. It's be expensive though. K thanks x Music Credits: Song name: Who Likes To Party Artist name: Kevin Macleod Website:

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