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Today I'll be showing you how to do a Reciprocal Gradient =) All products used are listed below See more sponging and gradient nail art tutorials: Don't forget to Subscribe for new videos every week: This design was inspired by 2 wonderful bloggers, and you can check out their designs here: Wacky Laki: Globe & Nail: I've received a few questions so I'll mention here I think this took about 2 hours - and I am usually overly-cautious my base is dry when applying tape, that drying period was probably the longest part, then getting the tape on straight because I was starting to get tired =) Dry time will vary depending on your polish & how many coats - also overall time could be cut by only using 2 colors for the gradient. ►Nail polish & products used◄ -Base coat (of your choice) -Zoya - Malia: -Zoya - Pinta: -Zoya - Purity: -Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat: -Sponge - I used a makeup sponge: (almost any kind is OK) -Striping tape (or cut thin strips of regular tape): -(Optional) Liquid Latex: or Tape: -Tweezers (optional): -Cleanup brush: -Clean up with acetone: ►Step-By-Step◄ -Start out with a clean, dry nail & apply your base coat -Use Malia as your base color -Apply tape around the nail (optional) -Sponge a gradient using all 3 colors -When dry, apply the striping tape -Sponge a gradient using all 3 colors in the opposite order -Remove striping tape & tape around nails -Clean up around the nail with polish remover -Finish with top coat! ►Go directly to my taping tutorial here:◄ ►Go directly to my clean up tutorial here◄ ►Check me out on these sites too!◄ FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: PINTEREST: BLOG: ►Main YouTube Links◄ My Channel: Tips & Tricks Playlist: Water Marble Tutorials Playlist: Nail Art Tutorials Playlist: My Vlog Channel: ★Disclaimer: Some links above are affiliate links

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