HOT NAILS! Exotic Dancer Nail Art Design | Stripper Nails Tutorial 🎥 NailPOLTut | Channify

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Subscribe to my channel here: Shout me out if you copy this on Instagram: Here is an exotic dancer nail art design perfect for stripper nails or for anyone taking exotic dancing classes or loves dancing in general and needs a tutorials to draw the human form in shadows! This is a nails tutorial for beginner nail artists to advanced career nail techs who want more nail art education! Please SUBSCRIBE & Follow my DIY Nail Art Designs for those seeking to take their nail art design to the next level! Learn how to use nail art tools and master nail art one video at a time!!! DONT GIVE UP and have fun painting! Robin Moses Facebook Fanpage: Robin Moses Pinterest: Robin Moses Instagram: Robin Moses Blog: Get The Nail Art brushes at Or Hashtag me #inspiredbyrobinmoses when you copy my #nailart! Add #robinmoseswizards #teamrobinmoses #robinmosessisterhood and find our places! Master skills with #nailartists learning #nails all over the world! SHOW ME: @robinmosesnailart on instagram SUBSCRIBE: Get My Nail Art brushes at worldwide! OTHER PLACES Robin Moses Instagram: My Facebook Page: (disabled until further notice) My Pinterest: Robin Moses Blog:

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