Easy Nail Art - Bow and Polka Dot Design on Short Nails | ArcadiaNailArt 🎥 NailPOLTut | Channify

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Easy nail art - A simple and easy classic, polka dots with bows! You can use any colours you like and it works well on short or long nails. ❂How To Paint Your Nails - http://youtu.be/ekSu9_ImQ8s ❀How To Do A Gradient - http://youtu.be/8kjHDkFjw54 ✼How I Fixed My Peeling Nails - http://youtu.be/CljwtOf8KPE ❂ How To Paint Your Other Hand - http://www.arcadianailart.com/p/one-of-most-common-questions-im-asked.html ❀ Blog - http://www.arcadianailart.com ✼ Twitter - https://twitter.com/ArcadiaNailArt By the way I am NOT on Instagram, some naughty person is on there pretending to be me but I don't have an account. I'm only on Twitter and Youtube, and my blog :) Inspired by many designs, including work by Meliney and PlasmaSpeedo. Items used... Recycle by China Glaze (grey base colour) Baby It's 'Coal' Outside by OPI (black glitter dots) Liquorice Acrylic Paint by FolkArt (black bow) Concrete Catwalk by China Glaze (dark grey creases in bow) Fast Forward Topcoat by China Glaze Music credits go to http://www.danosongs.com - 'Permafrost'

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