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The 1965 World Sportscar Championship season was the 13th season of FIA World Sportscar Championship racing. It featured the 1965 International Championship of GT Manufacturers and the 1965 International Trophy for GT Prototypes.[1] The season ran from 28 February 1965 to 19 September 1965 and comprised 20 races. The Championship was contested by Grand Touring Cars in three engine capacity classes. The big GT class was won by Shelby ahead of Ferrari, while Porsche prevailed in the 2 litre class and Abarth-Simca took the small class. The International Trophy, for prototype GT cars, was won by Ferrari, ahead of Porsche and Ford. Shelby turned to Fords Aerospace division to help him correct airflow problems and its parts bin supplied him the more powerful 289 engines that he used in the Cobra. He was ready for the Daytona 2000 Kilometer race. He took the two GT-40's and two of his Cobra Coupes to the race. Ferrari was there and the world watched to see if the good-ole boy from Texas could unseat the sophisticated Italian team. By the time twelve hundred and forty-three miles had been run the question was answered. The GT 40s' came in first and third. Shelby's Cobra Coupe claimed second. A good beginning for the new team. CO23 For Licensing: Global ImageWorks, LLC., 65 Beacon Street Haworth, New Jersey 07641 info@globalimageworks.com telephone: 201-384-7715 fax: 201-501-8971

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