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In the 1960’s a young Ford Motor Company executive, Lee Iacocca decided that Ford needed to compete with the world’s best companies like Ferrari, Aston Martin, Maserati, Porsche, Mercedes and Jaguar in high performance motor racing. The task of creating a car that could stand up against these racing powerhouses seemed impossible. Iacocca convinced Henry Ford that they should just buy Ferrari. When Enzo Ferrari sent them packing back to Detroit, Ford told Iacocca, “We will beat him at LeMans, no matter what the cost.” Thus began the story of the Ferrari Ford wars that pitted the fortune of the second largest corporation in the world against the God of motor sports, Enzo Ferrari. Ford had more than money on its side – they had a secret weapon, Carroll Shelby who would take Ford’s GT-40 to fame. Today, Ford is releasing an update street version of its glorious GT-40. EP 208

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