WWII Metal Detecting - German Waffen SS - Traces of War on the Eastern Front 🎥 MYSTHIST | Channify

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Team WWIIMD visited last year the former battlefields of the eastern front, where heavy fighting took place in 1945. In the search for war relics we discovered some amazing finds that we will share in our new battlefield research video. We found items like German combat awards, German helmets, personal Waffen SS items, MG34 barrel in container etc. We also found equipment pieces and other interesting things that were left behind in the woods after the war. Feel free to leave a comment. Greetings from Holland! Disclaimer: - Our videos are uploaded as non-political, informative and historical entertainment. - No unexploded ordnance was found or will be shown is this video. - No soldiers remains, in any kind, were found or will be shown in this video. TEAM WWIIMD - Word War II Metal Detecting Videos wwiimetaldetecting@gmail.com

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