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Even if they are the most dangerous weapons ever created, nuclear weapons still don't scare some people. Here are 5 Nuclear detonations that went WRONG. ★Credits: Starfish Prime: https://goo.gl/OTQZ7E Standing under a nuke (Operation Plumbbob): https://goo.gl/vZhi3S Lake Chagan (Chagan Nuclear test): https://goo.gl/7M8ZU8 Storax Sedan: https://goo.gl/8PA1hN The Nuke that almost exploded over North Carolina (1961 Goldsboro B-52 crash): https://goo.gl/xWahD5 ★Top 5 Website and Social Media: Top 5 Countdown: http://www.top5countdown.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopFiveCountdown Twitter: https://twitter.com/Top5_Countdown ★Music provided by Incompetech Link: http://adf.ly/18Uj81 ★Countdown subjects: Number 5: Starfish Prime Number 4: Standing under a Nuke (Operation Plumbbob) Number 3: Lake Chagan Number 2: Storax Sedan Number 1: The Nuke that almost exploded over North Carolina