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Situated on the pacific slope of the Western Cordillera of the Andes, Parque Nacional Natural Tatamá is home to an incredible variety of both lowland Chocó and high andean bird species. Montezuma Road, which runs from 1300 to 2500m elevation, provides access to some of the best birdwatching in Colombia. From February through July 2015, a team of biologists led by Gustavo Londoño (Universidad ICESI - Cali) found and monitored over 500 nests as part of a study of tropical avian biology along elevational gradients. This video is just a taste of some of the spectacular birds that the crew were privileged to observe and study in Tatamá. Contact: All filming and editing was done by myself (Timothy R. Forrester), filmed with a GoPro Hero and a Sony DSC-HX9V point-and-shoot, except for guest footage shot by... -Jorge Lizarazo (Chestnut-crowned Gnateater) -Roger Rodriguez Ardila (Beautiful Jay, Bar-crested Antshrike) -Julian Heavyside (Western Emerald) Much longer versions of all of the clips in this video that I filmed are available to view on my channel. Many thanks to all of the Tatamá 2015 field crew for an amazing season. Also thanks to all of the nest searchers for an incredible effort finding many undescribed and poorly known nests. Also thanks to the following people for finding and showing me nests to film: Juliana Sandoval (White-tipped Sicklebill), Salome (Crested Ant-Tanager), Roger Rodriguez Ardila (Golden Tanager). Also thanks to... -Montezuma Rainforest Reserve and Eco-Lodge -Parques Nacionals Naturals de Colombia -National Science Foundation -Universidad ICESI RIP to my GoPro Hero which perished in the making of this video. Tatamá 2015. Keep pounding. Go Pans. Don't worry, bebe biche.

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