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Plasma is the 4th state of matter and it comes in many flavors. You probably know it from it's greatest hits, fire and lightning, but there is a lot more to plasma than most people are aware of. Cold plasma is my personal favorite as it has the same beautiful glow that all plasma have, but it's no warmer than room temp and feels cold to the touch. In this video we go through my year long journey to harness this weird state of matter into a torch that can be used for future experiments and in the lab. _________________________________________________________________ Support the show and future projects: Patreon: Ko-Fi: Become a member: Store: _________________________________________________________________ My Social Media Pages: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: _________________________________________________________________ As always, thanks to my awesome Patrons for helping to make these video possible. Special thanks to: Afrotechmods Alex Alex Vanderpot Alexander Halbleib Alexandre Guhur Andrew Gray Anita Fowler Austin Morris Ben Krasnow Ben Reay Bennet Huch besenyeim Cataract Bumblesnatch Christian Bastos Colby Callahan Danny Chan Daniel Gunn David Golouski Ezekiel Dohmen Elliot Turner Frank Harlad Havana Woody Jase Smith John De Witt Jim Mussared Jonas Abreu Jonathan Anderson Justin Hendryx Kevin Kevin Comerford Kevin Forsythe kn0tsin Kush Agarwal Larry Leon Schutte Matt KI7ZTH Michael Chatzidakis narvutar1324 Nico Schlüter Nicolas Pourtalé Noah Pedersen OmuN Patrick Sweetman Patryk Wycech Paul Emmerich Paul Richmond Peter Scott Philipp Weber Pietro Saccardi Rauni Robert S. Ryan Harvey Simon Hallam Skave Rat Tom Bullock tain TheQuickestBrownFox Vasilis Whence __________ Channel Members: Jeff Xu Felix Nica txyzinfo Robert Boll ikereku trevor skjerpen Kiran Gupta adamklam1 Hunter Bagby Anthony M Kush Agarwal L Weiner

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