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If you like this quiz please give us a thumbs up and we will make sure to keep them coming. If you like to play the interactive quiz go to: Question 1: What U.S. state is nicknamed "The Grand Canyon state"? Answer a: Montana Answer b: Arizona Answer c: Pennsylvania Answer d: Rhode Island Question 2: Which of these cities is NOT in Asia? Answer a: Tokyo Answer b: Seoul Answer c: Mumbai Answer d: Buenos Aires Question 3: Which company launched its Galaxy S4 smartphone in 2013? Answer a: Verizon Answer b: Apple Answer c: Gibson Answer d: Samsung Question 4: What was the first name of Newton, who discovered gravity? Answer a: Peter Answer b: Isaac Answer c: William Answer d: James Question 5: Tijuana, Ensenada, Acapulco and Cancun are cities in what country? Answer a: Mexico Answer b: Panama Answer c: Brazil Answer d: Nicaragua Question 6: Norway is located in which part of Europe? Answer a: West Answer b: North Answer c: South Answer d: East Question 7: Known in Burma as an oozie and in Thailand as a kao-chang, a mahout rides and trains what animal? Answer a: Camel Answer b: Zebra Answer c: Horse Answer d: Elephant Question 8: In which movement of the 1950s and 1960s did artists like Andy Warhol challenge tradition by using popular culture images? Answer a: Expressionism Answer b: Pop Art Answer c: Dadaism Answer d: Post Modernism Question 9: In 1985, the first hole in the ozone layer was discovered over which region? Answer a: Asia Answer b: North America Answer c: Antarctica Answer d: Europe Question 10: ... in Rome, do as the Romans do. St. Ambrose 347AD Answer a: radical Answer b: subject Answer c: when Answer d: century

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