Category 5 Hurricane Michael - October 10 2018 - Callaway, Florida ๐ŸŽฅ Hurricanes News | Channify

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Hurricane Michael wreaked havoc along Florida's panhandle at category 5 intensity with winds of 160mph and a minimum central pressure of 919mb. Michael made landfall near Mexico Beach at approximately 2pm CT during the afternoon on Wednesday October 10 2018. Meteorologist & storm chaser Derek Sibley was joined with storm chasers Tim Millar and Chris Collura, as all 3 of us witnessed the incredible power of this record breaking and devastating hurricane. The video begins with a spectacular sunset from the evening before the storm arrived, followed by scenes filmed from Panama City Beach, and finally in a town called Callaway that received the most western portion of the eye. Winds in our area were estimated to be sustained around 120mph with gusts to 150mph in the eyewall. Our lowest pressure recorded on a Davis weather station was 923.5mb in the spectacular clear eye of Michael.

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