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On October 15th, tropical storm Rafael is intensifying in the Caribbean. The Hurricane Hunters leave St. Croix to track the storm and answer two important questions - will Rafael become a hurricane and will it hit the tourist packed island of Bermuda? What begins as a routine mission for the crew, including a rookie co-pilot, quickly becomes a harrowing brush with disaster. First, lightning plays havoc with the communications systems, and then they're faced with a far more serious situation. Airborne tornadoes are spawned inside the storm's eye, which prove impossible to avoid. The rookie is flying the aircraft when the so-called "mesocyclones" grab the plane and toss it around, forcing one wing to dangerously dip and the aircraft to drastically lose airspeed and nearly crash. Finally, avoiding the most extreme conditions, the crew is able to collect data determining that Rafael is a category one hurricane that will head north, barely missing Bermuda. Copyright The Weather Channel 2012. I do not own the rights to this video. This is for entertainment purposes only. Please do not report this video. Thanks!

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