Dominica - Three Years After Hurricane Maria. Journey in 4K 🎥 Hurricanes News | Channify

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Today, on 18th of September 2020, on third anniversary of Hurricane Maria striking Dominica, I share with you this video, full of footage never seen before. Lots of this footage is my personal, showing damage to our home at the time, and of us salvaging our stuff, and cutting a path through fallen forest to our neighbours. Well, it is time to share it all. I noticed, that busy with everyday life, we tend to forget noticing how far we progressed through just three short years. I do hope this video will show it to you, and - if you watch from abroad and did not experience this hurricane - it will also give you a better idea what we all went through. Lots of it is filmed in 4K, but some shots are shaky, from a small hand-held camera. I hope it is ok, as it adds authentic feel to it, and not always I had a chance to film well at these moments. If you like it - please SHARE it with friends, and SUBSCRIBE for more videos. Such important moments in life deserve being seen and shared, I believe. Thank you for watching, I hope I won't have a chance of filming anything like that again. Still - I am ready, if so. (Video received an award at Tagore International Film Festival 2020 in India, and is shortlisted for Southampton Short Film Week 2020 in UK).

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