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Learn about the BIGGEST of everything Monday and Friday just subscribe! 3. Sneezing in a Space Suit Have you ever been curious as to what happens when an astronaut has to sneeze but are snugly tucked inside their space suit? If you’ve ever seen RocketMan with Harland Williams, you know that it could be a terrible thing, but lucky for astronauts everywhere, there’s a pretty easy solution. What do they do? They tuck their chins forward as far as they can, thus aiming the sneeze down, and let it blast off right into their suits so that they can save their visors from sticky, drippy mucus! 2. Cleaning Up With all of the nastiness that goes on in space, you might be wondering how the astronauts get clean? Well, during Gemini and Apollo missions, they would clean themselves up with a little bit of soap, a small amount of water, and a towel. In Skylab, they strapped their feet to the floor so that they didn’t float away, got into a tube-like contraption, secured everything, then used a pressurized, portable bottle of water to get clean. They had to make sure to suck up all of the water and soap into a collection bin, as water could interfere with many electronic systems on board. With the ISS—they went old-fashioned, and astronauts use water, rinseless shampoo, liquid soap, and a towel. Oh, the joys of living in space. 1...