Scituate, MA Extreme Waves Crashing Into Homes & Storm Surge - 1/24/2017 🎥 Hurricanes News | Channify

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Footage of massive pounding waves and storm surge hammering seawall and homes in Scituate, MA. High damaging winds, utility crews working to restore power, and flooded neighborhoods from storm surge. All footage shot in Scituate, MA during morning daylight and darkness on January 24, 2017 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer Shot Description Shot List: 1-7. various shots of massive waves crashing into seawall and homes with incoming storm surge in Scituate, MA 8. POV shot of large wave crashing against seawall and spraying onto vehicle 9. pushed-in shot of vehicles driving through flooding street as storm surge flows in with high winds driving rain and sea spray and woman running to her car 10. pushed-in shot of swaying powerlines in high roaring winds 11-13. Shots of storm surge rushing into neighborhood in Scituate 14-16. shots of large waves crashing against seawall and home with seaspray 17. pushed-in shot of Stop sign rocking in high winds 18-21. shots of utility crews attempting to restore power after powerlines snapped in Scituate, MA 22 & 23. Shots of wind-driven rain and American Flag in predawn hours in Scituate 24-26. shots of blowing rain in very high winds in predawn hours 27 & 28. shots of lighthouse turning on tip of Scituate in predawn hours with howling wind driven rain 29-31. shots of howling wind driven rain during predawn hours in Scituate 32-37. various shots of massive crashing waves against seawall and homes from incoming storm surge

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