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As our population increases, so does the need for food increase dramatically. Add the crops needed to create ethanol and the ever-changing climates, and you will have certainly noticed a general increase in the price of fruits and vegetables. However, the costs of these fruits are taking that to a whole new level – so next time you think those grapes are a little pricey you’re buying – think of these! Subscribe to Talltanic 8 - Be a pineapple And stand tall! This pineapple is definitely the leader of the pack, with one which is just about ready to be eaten, and is worth $13,000! They are nurtured over the course of 2-years, with very traditional gardening techniques that are also very expense. They are grown in the Lost Gardens of Heligan, located in Cornwall. Those in the know combine horse manure, urine and piles of straw, along with a chemical reaction from a small greenhouse. They’ve been growing the pineapples just like that since the 19th century, and in those days, they would rent the pineapples out to wealthy Victorian families, who would use them as table décor. Strangely though, they’re not going to sell the fruit – but they’re going to cut it up and feed it to the garden staff. A spokesperson for the garden, James Stephens, says the fruit is "deliciously sweet, not stringy, and with an explosive flavour". 7 - When life gives you grapes We’re back in Japan, and sampling some of their very pricey Roman grapes. A string of these expensive grapes holds 30 individual grapes, with each grape weighing as much as 20-grams. A string of Roman grapes can sell at auction for $9350, and a bunch has sold for $14,600 – which was a record price. Many buyers seek social prestige, and the fruits are often displayed for as long as they can, before eating them. The grapes are exceptionally sweet and are as big as a ping-pong ball! 6 - Think Orange Considered the fruit of the future, this is the Dekopon Citrus. David Karp, a writer for the LA Times, says this citrus is the best he’s ever had, and you can take his word for it, as he’s tried over a thousand citrus varieties. There’s just one catch… you’ll pay $80 for a small bag of them. This hybrid fruit – half Kiyomi and Ponkan, was developed in Japan in 1972. They’re bigger than a regular mandarin, and some have grown to the size of softball. They’re very sweet, juicy and feature a large bump on the head of the fruit. In 2006, they celebrated Dekopon day in Japan, to celebrate the 15-year Anniversary of the 1st shipment of the coveted fruit. 5 - Going bananas Artwork on bananas has been trending on the odd occasion on social media, and it’s amazing what the artists are able to achieve in the skin and the actual banana. In places like Japan, the very wealthy buy these designer bananas, which are a status symbol. You can understand why… the artwork is just amazing and the shelf life very short. 4 - The cherry on top We’ve seen most of our exotic fruit coming from Japan, but these gorgeous cherries are from Hong Kong. They were snapped at Hong Kong’s Yau Ma Tei fruit market selling for $65 a punnet! These are Tasmania’s late-ripening cherries, and they very popular around the Chinese New Year and Spring festival. They’re well-known for being pest and disease free, and demand is so high for these cherries, that exports are expected to double within the next couple of years. 3 - It’s time to celebrate… All over the world we celebrate special or quirky days, like chocolate fondue day or Compliment day, and in Japan it’s very similar. They celebrate Tofu Day – October the 8th, Honey Day – August the 3rd and now they also have Gokusen Day on May the 9th. This day celebrates the Gokusen banana. Dole, a food company in Japan, studied 100 types of bananas from around the world, took out the best bits from each offering and created the Gokusen banana. They won’t tell anyone where this banana grows, all we know is that it’s 500 meters above sea level and the temperature is spot on, to create the world’s best banana. They’re sweeter, more fragrant with a better texture. These cost $6 each 2 - Shop till you drop You would love to do that here. We’ve had a look at some frightfully expensive fruits, but where can you buy them from? Online is of course one option, or you can head to the Sembikiya fruit emporium. This store has been open since 1834 and this is a high-end fruit gift shop. There you will find everything that I’ve mentioned in this video, including cherries that cost $4 each, a medley of 6 fruits for $170 and the list goes on. 1 - Bend Me, Shape Me Anyway you want me! The perfect soundtrack for the perfectly shaped Iyokan. These pentagon shaped oranges were grown in Japan, and are a mix of mandarins and oranges. Only 300 were grown, so although we don’t have a price – you can well believe that it will be steep!

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