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Top 10 Most AMAZING Facts about Nepal! Nepal is one of those countries everybody’s heard of, but no one knows enough about. Even its very name sounds exotic, and people like hearing about it, but how much do you actually know about this country? Here are 10 amazing facts about Nepal…stay tuned to number 1 to find out Brought to you by Zero2Hero!! Don't forget to subscribe here! Find out about these Billionaires who started with NOTHING!!! True Rags to Riches stories!! Number 10: A Unique Flag. Nepal is an amazing country, in so many ways, but we’ll kick off our list with the flag of Nepal. Now, technically speaking EVERY country’s flag is unique, however, Nepal wins the uniqueness award because of its shape – it’s the only non-quadrilateral flag in the world. It’s basically like two joint triangles, with the bottom triangle having its top cut off. The flag of Nepal was accepted on December 16, 1962, and to this day – it has remained one of the most recognizable symbols of this country. And just like most of the national flags around the world – this is also full of symbolism. The blue color on the border symbolizes national unity of the country, while the crimson red stands for the courage of the Nepalese people in general. The sun and the moon are there to symbolize bravery and peacefulness – these two are also there to say how Nepal will exist as long as the sun and the moon exist. Number 9: Electricity Outages. Although electricity should be a normal commodity at the start of the 21st century, the situation is a bit different in Nepal. In this country, it’s quite normal to have electrical outages on a daily basis. The irony is that Nepal holds second place as the world’s biggest water reserve – but it still has problems with producing electricity. The biggest problem is the country’s poor infrastructure. Nepal hasn’t been able to develop itself enough so that it has good and reliable infrastructure; thus, it’s normal to have electricity for 10-12 hours a day, and then to be cut off for hours on end. The country’s population is quite large – around 2 million people, and the existing infrastructure simply cannot sustain that many people for the time being. This fact alone is the primary reason behind Nepal’s slow development. If you don’t have good infrastructure and a steady supply of electricity, it’s impossible to plan ahead. Because of this, the country’s economy develops very slowly, and their factories cannot compete with the western world. Number 7: “Slower” Internet. Nepal is a part of the modern world in the sense that it has internet connection, but let’s be honest – it could be a better. A lot better. Internet was introduced to Nepal back in 1994, but its development has been quite slow. For example, commercial internet packages are decently fast or, we’ll say, acceptable. But the bigger problem is with domestic or personal packages. Also, the internet speed depends a lot on the actual price you pay on a monthly basis. But it doesn’t only have to do with the speed. Another problem is the percentage of the people using the internet. According to research completed in 2010 research, only around 20 percent of Nepal’s population uses the internet, which is way below the western average. Nevertheless, the situation has been improving gradually over the years, and more and more internet providers are entering the game. Number 6: Languages of Nepal. When it comes to languages, Nepal really has a lot to offer. Many people don’t know this, but Nepal has more than 100 local languages! In fact, the exact number is – 123. However, not all of these languages are official languages of the country. It would be absolutely crazy if that were the case. The official language of Nepal is Nepali, which was known in the past as Khaskura and Gorkhali. This language is actually a descendant of the ancient Sanskrit language, and it now serves basically as the lingua franca of the whole region of Nepal. It’s spoken by around 17 million people. The second largest language in Nepal is Maithili, and it’s also one of the largest languages spoken in India. In Nepal, around 10 percent people speak Maithili. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. We also have to mention Bhojpuri, Tharu and Tamang – all of which have over one million speakers, but also Bajjika, Magar, Dotyali and Urdu – with over half a million speakers. If we add to these over one hundred “smaller” languages, it’s clear how Nepal is considered a linguistic gem of the world. Number 5: The Only Living Goddess –Kumari The word “Kumari” comes from the Sanskrit language, and it can be translated as “princess”. In Nepal, Kumari is a pre-pubescent female, who is selected from a specific group – the Newari community in the Shakya castle. This is the tradition of worshipping of divine female energy resting in the girl’s body.

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