Moore Oklahoma EF-5 Tornado Video! 5/20/13 🎥 Hurricanes News | Channify

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Our full length video from Moore Oklahoma on 5/20/13. Video starts from SW 164th St. looking west/southwest at the fully condensed stovepipe tornado. We then drive up to Pennsylvania Ave. where we stop and film some more after the tornado had transformed into a 1/4 to a 1/2 mile wide wedge tornado. We then drive north to SW 134th/4th St. and head east on it to the intersection of it and S Western Ave. where the video resumes in front of The Crown Center. I then run across the street and film a little there to get a better angle. There is a white Chevrolet pickup driving past me that my partner had just spoken with that lives right where the tornado was going through just south of the intersection of Southwestern and 134th/4th St. He had told my partner that he had heard about the storm and went down the street to check to see if they were in the path or safe. He also mentioned that his children were still home. The tornado ended up being to close by the time he had seen it to make it back to his house safely. We still to this day do not know the outcome of his situation. I would love to learn that the whole family had survived maybe just being in the outer circulation. At this moment, it is also making a direct hit on the Orr family farm. Once we started driving again we travel east on 134th/4th St. and we end up having our closest encounter with the monster of the day. At this point, you can hear a distinct roar coming from it as I am telling my partner to back up as it starts to widen and is also directly over the Briarwood Elementary school at this time. We let it get east just a bit and then proceed to following again. As we come to a stop after passing through Sante Fe Avenue you can hear it once again still doing damage. At this time it is directly over Plaza Towers Elementary and is seconds from a direct hit on the Moore Medical Center. May god be with the families involved in this traumatic experience and may the recovery process be quick and successful. For inquiry contact Brandon Sampson at or message me via YouTube.

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