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Last reported information about the disappearance of Andreas Sipsakas can be found here: Andreas youtube channel with last posted images can be found here: This sailor and his boat are missing from position 14 53.6 N by 080 26.8 W, or 26 NM ESE of the Gorda Bank off the coast of the border of Honduras and Nicaragua. Two EPIRBs were set off about midnight, and first vessel to respond was a freighter about 4 hours later. The only thing found was one of the activated EPIRBS and one life preserver. No debris field, normally associated with a collision at sea, or other sinking, was found. This area has been near the location of previous violent pirate attacks. See the Caribbean Safety & Security Net ( for past events. There is a possibility the vessel was taken over by pirates and towed or sailed to the coast of Nicaragua or Honduras. It is also possible the boat was stolen and re-named in order to make drug runs. If you have any information please contact your national or local police, or INTERPOL General Secretariat For more real-time updates, follow us on Instagram at: New SSL Video Collections just released on Vimeo! Want info about our drones? Contact our friend Frank at: New SSL Gear available at:

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