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Finding deep buried stuff metal detecting in the woods of New Hampshire. The official Not Thursday & Stealth Diggers website www.notthursday.com From there you can get news, pictures, videos & music. Stealth Diggers Not Thursday Store - Clothing, tools & more http://stores.ebay.com/ThirdLifeMerchandise/Stealth-Diggers.html Check Out the gear & items Stealth Diggers recommend on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/shop/stealthdiggers If you would like to be a patron of this channel by making a pledge & being a contributor to Stealth Diggers & Not Thursday. www.patreon.com/stealthdiggers We go for a small hike and exploring in the woods of NH that is town property. The area has been recreation for decades and we are curious to see what is out there. We bring our Garrett metal detectors along with us and metal detect as we walk along. This is an interesting area because it was a colonial farm and lived upon up until the early 1900s so there could be anything buried in the ground. As we go along we are finding iron beds spread throughout the woods loaded with 1900s trash like cans and bottles. What we are finding is old camp & cabin sites long gone. One of the cabin sites we stumble upon has a bunch of old soda cans which we find out are from the 1950's so that gives us a good clue of the age of some of these old sites. We Make our way up to the cellar hole ( old foundation ) that is from the 1700s and start digging up some old iron. There is one target that is buried so deep and right in the corner of where the old house once stood. I swung over it with my Garrett ATGOLD metal detector and it was a nice high tone signal. We have to know what it is so we dig, dig, dig until we get it out of the ground. Not Thursday hiking exploring history metal detecting New Hampshire VlOG What is it buried a foot in the ground?

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