Inside the mysterious abandoned Boeing 737 [PK-CKM] in Bali - Kuta Selatan 🎥 Hurricanes News | Channify

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03.08.2019 - (formerly) Sriwijaya Air | Boeing 737-300 | PK-CKM ---------- By paying a small entrance fee to a local guard, you can get inside the yard and board the plane on the front. You can even walk through the cabin and on the wings (but be careful)! This aircraft flew for Virgin Express, Easyjet Switzerland, Air China, CCA Slovakia and, eventually, Sriwijaya Air. With the latter airline, it has been in service for 4 months when it suffered a bad landing in December 2011 at Yogyakarta so it became a write off. In the following year, it has been preserved at Bali, however, the history of how it managed the way (more than 600km distance) might remain a mystery! Today, it is one of three Boeing 737s abandoned on Bali Island. There's a -200 version near Pandawa Beach (remote aircraft boneyard) and a -400 version near Gianyar (restaurant display). This one can be found right at the Bypass road from the airport to the Southern part of the Island near Jimbaran Beach right next to a Dunkin Donuts store.

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