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On the 29th of April 1978, a quick clay landslide devastated large areas of the rural district of Rissa I mid-Norway. One person died whilst 13 farms; 2 homes; a cabin and a community centre were taken by the clay masses. Five to six million cubic metres of clay collapsed from an area of 330,000 m2 leaving a 1.5 kilometre slide face. The landslide caused great material damage to the community of Leira when a resulting three-metre high floodwave breached the opposite bank of lake Botnen shortly after the main slide. The Rissa landslide was caught on 8 mm cinefilm by two film amateurs. This is still used actively in avalanche preventative and educational work. All rights belong to NGI. All or any part of the material on this movie can neither be copied nor re-edited in any way. All commercial rights are reserved NGI.

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