The case for re-writing history! New evidence, an introduction to UnchartedX 🎥 Hurghada City | Channify

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The high level case for re-writing what we know of the foundations of our history. I also wanted to create a channel introduction video, particularly for people new to the whole 'debate over history' topic, and to explain the premise that is behind many of my other videos! Thanks to Chuck at channel cfapps6875, make sure you visit and subscribe, he does great work: Please like and subscribe! Leave a comment with your thoughts! UnchartedX: Official UnchartedX Merch store! Support the channel, get some natty threads: Support my work: Paypal tip jar: Patreon: SubscribeStar: Bitcoin/crypto wallet RECEIVE address: bc1qtg5kaq0s7434fsulm7w94zsqkww57ueel4f4ed Contact me on: Twitter: Instagram: Email: BitChute: References: 2006 New Scientist article: 300,000 year old human remains found: Neanderthal/Human DNA split: Cerutti Mastadon Site: Bluefish Caves: Geometric shapes in the Amazon: Lost cities in the Amazon: DNA Links between Australians and South Americans: Denisovans: Homo Floresiensis: Scans from Charles Hapgood's 'Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings' sourced from my copy of the book. Music: Youtube music library Scott Gratton : A Moment Scott Gratton : The Hours Scott Gratton : The Minutes #history #youngerdryas #cosmichampsterwheel

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