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Hot Chip — One Life Stand Official Promo Video directed by Roel Wouters for Hot Chip's fantastic new single One Life Stand From Roel's original treatment: "Hot Chip have created a machine that transforms a small room into a planet - a mini utopia. A small studio is converted into a space with the appearance of a planet by painting the walls, floor and ceiling A camera on the floor is shooting a movable silver sphere attached to the ceiling and the reflections that appear in it.", "The silver ball is hanging from the ceiling and can be lowered mechanically with a remote control.", "The sphere moves down and the floor camera zooms out simultaneously, capturing the transformation. Dolly zoom effect" About half of the video is shot with a handycam by the bandmembers themselves. Since the set was completely closed from all sides it was very hard to give them directions. Which allowed for unpredictable personal shots. It was supernice to work in london were music video industry is so much more professional We presented this music video in the British Film Institute during BUG. Production Company: Nexus Productions Director: Roel Wouters Executive Producer: Julia Parfitt, Cedric Gairard Producer: Isobel Conroy Director of Photography: Adam Frisch Editor: James Rose, Cut + Run Post Production: Rushes Grading: Rushes Record Company: Parlophone Record Company: EMI Commissioner: James Hackett

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