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Traditional music for you: We are Ean Grimm, Derek Fiechter and Brandon Fiechter ... 3 composers who write instrumental music that's meant to relax and inspire you after a long and stressful day at work. Genres we produce are e.g. Celtic music, Medieval music and Nordic music. If you like to listen to traditional instruments like hurdy gurdy, harp, bagpipes and flutes you came to the right place. Celtic folk music about a forest of magic, wonder, and mystery where fairies, pixies, and sprites live. This Celtic music is by Derek Fiechter & Brandon Fiechter. 🎧 Listen to our fairy music on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2OSerh4S9VAm08EtUbK4Nd ***   Tracklist : 1. Fairy Magic 2. The Fairy Woods 3. The Old Bridge 4. Hidden Enchanted Village 5. Moonlit Wings 6. Nor Ascena 7. Shadow Vale 8. Leaf Fairies 9. The Shimmering Pond *** This amazing picture was done by gin-1994. Check out his DeviantART page: https://www.deviantart.com/gin-1994 #fairy #forest #magic #enchanted ~ All music is composed by Derek and Brandon Fiechter ~ This instrumental music video is great for an international audience interested in: ENGLISH (USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Ireland, India): celtic music, fantasy music, forest music, celtic fantasy music, celtic forest music, forest fantasy music, enchanting celtic music SWEDISH: keltisk musik, fantasiemusik, skogsmusik, keltisk fantasiemusik, keltisk skogsmusik, skogsfantasmusik, förtrollande keltisk musik SPANISH (Mexico, Latin America, USA, Spain): Música celta, música de fantasía, música de bosque, música de fantasía celta, música de bosque celta, música de fantasía de bosque, música celta encantadora RUSSIAN: кельтская музыка, фэнтезийная музыка, лесная музыка, кельтская фэнтезийная музыка, кельтская лесная музыка, лесная фэнтезийная музыка, очаровательная кельтская музыка PORTUGUESE (Brazil, Portugal): música celta, música de fantasia, música de floresta, música de fantasia celta, música de floresta celta, música de fantasia de floresta, música celta encantadora NORWEGIAN: keltisk musikk, fantasiemusik, skogsmusikk, keltisk fantasiemusikk, keltisk skogsmusikk, skogfantasi musikk, fortryllende keltisk musikk ITALIAN: musica celtica, musica fantasy, musica di foresta, musica celtica di fantasia, musica celtic forestale, musica fantasy forestale, musica celtica incantevole HINDI (India): सेल्टिक संगीत, काल्पनिक संगीत, वन संगीत, सेल्टिक कल्पना संगीत, सेल्टिक वन संगीत, वन काल्पनिक संगीत, मंत्रमुग्ध संगीत GERMAN (Germany, Switzerland, Austria): keltische Musik, Fantasy-Musik, Waldmusik, keltische Fantasy-Musik, keltische Forest-Musik, Forest-Fantasy-Musik, bezaubernde keltische Musik FRENCH (Canada, France, Belgium, Switzerland): musique celtique, musique fantastique, musique de forêt, musique fantastique celtique, musique de forêt celtique, musique fantastique de forêt FINNISH: Keltainen musiikki, fantasiamusiikki, metsämusiikki, kelttiläinen fantasiamusiikki, kelttimetsämusiikki, metsä fantasiamusiikki, lumoava kelttimusiikki DUTCH: keltische muziek, fantasiemuziek, bosmuziek, keltische fantasiemuziek, keltische bosmuziek, bosfantasmuziek, betoverende keltische muziek DANISH: keltisk musik, fantasy musik, skovmusik, keltisk fantasy musik, keltisk skov musik, skov fantasy musik, fortryllende keltisk musik

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