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The first 500 people to use this link will get 2 months of Skillshare for free: Support the channel on Patreon: Let’s talk music: Twitter: Instagram: Discover something great in my Spotify Playlists: Written, Voiced and Edited by Frank Furtado Music by Epidemic Sound: #thewhitestripes #jackwhite #sevennationarmy #middle8 ------------------------------- Seven Nation Army has one of the most recognizable riffs of all time. It’s melody has become a global sports anthem. And while it might sound like it’s played on a bass guitar that sound is created by Jack White's semi-acoustic guitar brought down an octave by a guitar pedal. The band never used a bass guitar until the album that followed. And that had to do in part with the band’s obsession with the number three. - They only ever used three colours on their album covers, promotional materials and on stage. - Their third album was recorded in three days - Jack White likes to throw the number onto the end of his name. - His record label is Third Man Records - He wrote a song for Loretta Lynn that was exactly 3 minutes and 33 seconds long… Alright I might be stretching it with that last one. But where The Stripe’s rule of three was most evident was in their sound. Since they played as a two-piece on stage, aside from vocals, each of them could only play one instrument at a time. The group would add more elements to their minimalist composition over time, but always came back to rock’s three main ingredients of: Guitar, drums and vocals. They found liberation in limiting themselves. It forced them to be creative with a small tool kit. And there is a quality in that simplicity. Seven Nation Army has become timeless. There are more people who know the tune than those who even know it’s authors. Making Seven Nation Army The Last Great American Folk Song. ------------------------------- Who did seven nation army? The White Stripes When did seven nation army come out? 2003 What album is seven nation army on? The White Stripe’s 4th LP Elephant Is seven nation army played with a bass? Does seven nation army have bass? No, it’s played on a Kay Hollowbody with the whammy pedal set an octave down. The band never used a bass guitar in their earlier records. why seven nation army chant how seven nation army sports why seven nation army football seven nation army we will rock you Disclaimer: I do not own any of the videos or music used in this video. They are used for education and discussion purposes.

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