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Be one of 500 people to get 2 months of Skillshare Premium for free: Support the channel on Patreon: Follow Middle 8 on: Twitter: Instagram: Listen to new music on our Spotify Playlists: Written, voiced & edited by Frank Furtado Thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring this video. #imaginedragons #modernrock #middle8 ------------------------------- Right now, Imagine Dragons are the biggest rock band on the planet. Even if you don’t consider them rock, you cannot avoid them. Imagine Dragons have consistently had a hit on the charts since their debut in 2012 -- meaning they haven’t left the public’s ears for six straight years. In fact they are the only artists to see four separate singles spend at least a year on the Billboard Hot 100. Their single “Radioactive” still holds the record for the most total weeks spent on that chart. They hold more number one hits on the Billboard rock charts than any other artist before them and they’ve accumulated over 20 rock music awards and just as many nominations. While they have a massive, dedicated fanbase who fill arenas around the world, they are by no means the most critically acclaimed group. In fact their albums have consistently been panned by critics and have rock fans disputing over the band’s questionable presence on rock charts. Like it or not, Imagine Dragons are the face of modern day rock - but how did we get here and what does that say about the current state of rock music? ------------------------------- Are Imagine Dragons rock? That's dependent on what you think. The band considers themselves "genreless." Some songs are more pop and others are more guitar driven. It really depends on the song. However because they standout against most pop music and are a band, they've generally been considered a rock band. Did Imagine Dragons win a grammy? Yes, their song Radioactive won a Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance. Are Imagine Dragons from Las Vegas? Yes, Dan Reynolds is from Las Vegas and it's where the band began taking off. Are imagine dragons making a new album? They just released their fourth album Origins on November 9, 2018. How did Imagine Dragons start? Dan Reynolds decided to start the band in 2008. ------------------------------- Disclaimer: I do not own any of the videos or music used in this video. They are used for education and discussion purposes.

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