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11 CHILDREN with Amazing SUPERPOWERS!... A new Breed of humans is now being revealed. Stan Lee may have predicted the future in his comic books and perhaps given us instructions on how to assist the new and real generation of X-Humans. From mind readers to fire starters, here are the Children with amazing superpowers. Lets hope we can all assist making these superheroes the good guys. To Practice or Learn Spanish: Watch This Video Side By Side With Its Spanish Counterpart At Universos Abiertos: https://youtu.be/On5dW27G2N4 https://www.youtube.com/c/universosabiertos #11 The Fire Keeper … Emma Tablate is a young girl who lives in a remote Western village in the Philippines. Everywhere she went, fires would break out. The town people were starting to think that she was a pyromaniac … #10 Night Eye In another remote village, this time in china, there is a young boy named Nong Youhui who was born with blue eyes that look green in daylight, so far, not an issue even though his parent are both black eyed and have no family history of any other color. What makes this boy even more interesting… #9 The Mind Reader … But this remarkable young girl from India can do much more than that. Meet Nadana Unnikrishnan. who was diagnosed with broad spectrum Autism when she was a baby but don’t let her fool you. Nandana can read her Mother’s thoughts… #8 Brainy When thinking of some of the most brilliant minds who have ever existed in the world, Albert Einstein comes to mind. With his measured IQ of 160, few people can have such high score. But that is not the case with this smart little boy from a city called la Ceja near Medellin, Colombia. Miguel Ángel Rojas … #7 Artsy You may have been doodling since you were a little kid, but very few children have their art work displayed at any other place besides the family refrigerator. Aelita Andre from Australia… #6 The Star Boy This Now 11 year old young man is a remarkable human being… well maybe not, about the human being part…, since he was a little boy, Boriska, a boy from Russia has shown signs of incredible learning abilities and was able to even speak when he was couple of months old. He is so extraordinary that by the age of 1, he was reading newspapers. His most interesting trade besides faster development is that the boy remembers his past lives, but not on earth. Boriska says that he was actually born in Mars … #5 The Healer … But there are couple of emerging cases in Brazil and India where the business of healing is becoming a very popular tourist attraction. An emerging popular healer in brazil is Eleni Santos. #4 Super Girl This Russian young woman is Ana Belysh who by the age of ten, was already displaying her hulk like strength by doing 1500 push-ups in less than an hour in front of an audience and therefore earning her place at the Guinness Book of World Records… #3 Human Calculator Shakuntala Devi our superhuman was born in india with what we can say is a calculator in her brain. Since a very young age, Shakuntala was able to do very complex math but her family was very poor and was unable to help her develop her talents… #2 X-Ray Continuing with the fantastic super powers, here is another super girl, this superhuman is Natasha Demkina who is gifted with x-ray vision!!! Its not used as in the airports to detect guns. This young woman has patients, works with doctors and more… #1 The Real Super Heroes The material credited in the link below was used, some with modifications, with rights provided per the publishing of said material under a CC-BY license. A material list and all attributions will be found there. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Puf7BCmmu22-UZ05lQQjGg6AIfYZUfxF #SuperPowers #AmazingKids #UndiscoveredWorlds

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