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For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] PRIVATE DIARY ► Can you imagine how difficult life is for people taller than two meters? All doorways are too low, it is simply impossible to fit into an economy class seat, and you have to talk to everyone around you, bending down. You can probably get used to it, but it still seems inconvenient, right? Today we will tell you about the tallest people in the world and their daily life. Share your height in the comments below - maybe there are record-holders among our viewers too. 00:00 - Welcome! 00:37 - Lindsay Hayward 02:18 - Dalip Singh Rana 03:51 - Neil Fingleton 05:01 - Yao Defen 06:49 - Igor Vovkovinskiy 07:50 - Sun Mingming and Xu Yan 08:33 - Sultan Kösen 09:39 - Robert Wadlow

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