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Some Americans are ignorant and proud (S1E38) Which months have 28 days? My Amazon Product Recommendations: My website: If you like my content, please consider supporting me on Patreon: #areyousmarterthana5thgrader#publicinterview#wshhquestions Questions: 1. Which is the smallest ocean in the World? 2. Budapest is the capital of what European country? 3. How many states are in US? 4. If "yes" spells YES, what does EYES spell? 5. The cold war was fought between which two countries? 6. What are the four layers of the Earth? 7. A farmer had 15 sheep. All but 8 died. How many are left? 8. Write in "cursive": This sentence is just a great quiz. 9. Who was the 2nd president of US? 10. What is the capital of Phoenix? 11. Which months have 28 days? 12. Solve: 45:6 13. Megan's mother has 4 daughters: April, May, June and... 14. You're running a race and you passed the person in 2nd place. What place will you be in? humor, best comedy, idiots, hungary funny moments, trivia, quiz, lol funniest MYWORLDISGETTINGDUMBER myworldisgettingdumber

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