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Some Americans are ignorant and proud (S1E59) What temperature does water boil at? My Amazon Product Recommendations: My website: If you like my content, please consider supporting me on Patreon: #areyousmarterthana5thgrader#publicinterview#wshhquestions Questions: 1. Name a tradition associated with Christmas. 2. Name a member of Congress. 3. Name a branch of Government. 4. Name the Vice President of US. 5. At what temperature does water boil? 6. We prefer to keep the refrigerator at _ degrees. 7. Name an invention that has replaced stairs. 8. What is Foie Gras? 9. Most of the electricity from our home flows from the _ to the _ 10. Who fought in the Civil War? 11. Name the first thing you take off after work. 12. Can you name the planets from the Solar System? 13. What month of pregnancy does a woman begin to look pregnant? 14. How many continents are there? 15. How many dwarfs are there? 16. What does this word mean: masticate? 17. Which country is number one in the World? 19. Name the most lovable breed of dog. 20. What's a decade? 21. Who's the Commander in Chief of the US Arm Forces? 22. Name a prime number between 20 and 40. 23. What war was fought over Helen of Troy? 24. What city is famous for its canals? 25. What classifications of animals are Dinosaurs? 26. What is the name of the Italian traveler who first visited China? comp humor wow funny moments best lol MYWORLDISGETTINGDUMBER myworldisgettingdumber

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