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We witnessed an amazing moment here in the Moremi Game Reserve- Botswana one morning in Sept 2009 of mum giving birth with the foal kicking and being dragged along the African plains! @ 2.22 mins into the video it's "Happy birthday" time! The little foal was up and walking in just over 5 mins. We became a little concerned when the now two started to move in the direction of a pack of 10 Wild Dogs, however mum is able to drop the after birth at the most opportune time and the last minute or so of this video, you can see the WD pack scrapping over the spoils of the placenta! We saw mum & foal a few times over the next week and both were doing very well. A very memorable and unforgettable experience. (Apologies for the lack of audio in the first half of this video.)

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