Last ever 747 takeoff from St Maarten 🎥 Funny Pranks | Channify

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October 28, 2016 marked the end of an era as the last scheduled 747 flight, KLM 785 to Amsterdam via Curaçao, took off from Sint Maarten's Princess Juliana Airport. Everyone came to Maho Beach to ride the fence, take photos, or just witness the spectacle as PH-BFN "City of Nairobi" departed one last time, with a water cannon salute marking the occasion. Why did KLM retire the 747 on this route? At just over 7,000 feet the runway at SXM is too short for a 747 to take off with the full fuel load it would need to fly directly back to Amsterdam. As a result, KLM used the plane on a "triangle route" from Amsterdam direct to Sint Maarten, and a fuel stop on the way back in Curaçao with its longer runway. Now KLM uses an Airbus A330, which can make the return trip nonstop. Watch the last landing here: Subscribe to my channel for more videos! SUBSCRIBE:

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