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Searching for bird feeder squirrel-proofing options, I came across the Roller Feeder website and ordered one. I've been having a blast watching the squirrels try to figure a way into the birdseed and just getting themselves dumped on the ground for their trouble. I'm so impressed with the ingenious design, solid construction and squirrel-confounding entertainment that I just wanted to share - but I receive no benefit, financial or otherwise from this recommendation. Because the design is a bit different, some birds are a little shy at first. They say that cardinals are the last to figure it out, but I had chickadees and gold finches using it the same day I hung it up so I'm sure that in the next week or so, just about everybody will have figured it out. The feeder keeps out larger nuisance birds like crows, grackles and blue jays, plus red squirrels and raccoons - though so far, I haven't seen any of these trying it. The squirrels used to clean out my previous (supposedly squirrel-proof) feeder in two days, so I expect the seed savings to be huge. The company says the feeder will pay for itself in birdseed savings in something like 3 months or less which seems likely.

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