Installing trusses by yourself. 🎥 Extreme Sports | Channify

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How I set up trusses from the ground by myself. This is how I set up up trusses by myself on my barn project. With a 12ft ceiling and a 24 foot span it seemed daunting at first. The trusses could not be dropped on the roof as the delivery truck with crane couldn't clear a power line. The ladder is a very high end sturdy model.Otherwise I wouldn't have attempted to carry the second side up. Although on this clip you see the truss fall against the previous one, it was supposed to hit the block I had attached already to the one before. At the top of the new truss I inserted a screw just deep enough for it to protrude a bit to the outside so when it hits the block attached it sticks to it, allowing me time to get on the scaffold. On this one I got lucky too as it perfectly lined up with the others right away.

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