Bear Shocked with electric fence. UDAP Bear Shock electric Food Fence (Forest Service approved) | Extreme_Sports | Channify

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Add More Videos To your Channel We baited the bears with bacon to test the fence for approval by the Forest Service. We smeared half cooked bacon and left full strips of bacon only 4 inches inside the fence. We filmed the bears for 90 min. One bear only would touch the fence. They can sense the electricity. The Forest Service is continuing to test our fence and it is working great. This fence will save outfitter from having to hang food in trees. Also several fences can be hooked together to make a perimeter around your camp. Bear Shock electric food fence will work on ice and gravel bars as the fence has an alternate hot/negative configuration. Bear Shock - Food Storage Electric Fence Complete kit Includes: 1- Padded Storage Bag 1- Energizer 1- Ground Wire 1- Hot Wire 1- Bear Safety Tips Booklet 1- LED Lights -- Battery Operated 1- LED Light Straps 1- Electric Fence Placard 1- Ground Rod 1- Bear Mesh Fence with Posts This Bear Shock Food Fence is approved for food storage and meets USDA Forest Service Recommendations. Powerful energizer with LCD display for power output up to 7,600 Volts Energy Output (In Joules) - 0.35 Outperforms 110 Volt Energizers rated at - 20 Miles 3 weeks Continual Operation on highest output 30 Feet of bear net included in kit Easy Set-up and take down Lightweight (9 lbs with batteries) Requires 4 D-cell and 4 AA-cell batteries (Not Included). 2 or more fences can be hooked together.

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