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What if I told you that the most important and far-reaching story from the OJ Simpson Trial has never been told? The Mark Fuhrman Tapes were the only evidence introduced during the Trial of the Century deemed as being “information that is of vital public interest.” The news media failed to widely disseminate the Fuhrman Tapes and unless you were in the courtroom on August 29, 1995 or one of the few viewers watching the live broadcast that morning, you have never heard the complete, unedited presentation of the Fuhrman Tapes excerpts. The complete presentation has never been rebroadcast on television or radio, no major newspaper or national magazine has ever published an complete, accurate, unedited transcript of all the excerpts and to date audio of all of the excerpts is not available to the public on the Internet. This documentary film by Brian Heiss and marks the first time since August 1995 that the Mark Fuhrman Tapes is freely available to the public; the Furhman Tapes are no longer hidden from history. For over 20 years the news media has reduced that Fuhrman Tapes to slogans: “The N-Word” and “The Race Card.” However the harsh reality is that the Fuhrman Tapes are about: Police Brutality, Racial Animosity, False Arrests, Coerced Interrogations, Police Misconduct, Racial and Economic Profiling, Planting Evidence and, the Use of the Chokehold by Law Enforcement. NOTE TO VIEWERS: Former LAPD Detective and FOX News contributor Mark Fuhrman's vile, disgusting, dehumanizing words will rattle you to the core; they will shock and disgust you. The content in this film is completely uncensored. The Mark Fuhrman Tapes is a feature length documentary (Runtime 115 minutes) which presents to the public the complete, unedited audio of the Mark Fuhrman Tapes excerpts which have been hidden from history for over two decades. We hope that this documentary will help all viewers to gain a better understanding of the un-American manner which some Americans are treated by the justice system. Questions? Comments? We welcome your feedback which you can share by visiting or following Brian Heiss on Twitter

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