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Please do not forget to visit the site contact us YouTube/MarioGS BAV ************************************************************** When it comes to quiz shows, competitiveness is everything and charity is often left at home. So when this Wheel of Fortune contestant made peculiar plays in the final speed round, many were stumped by her strange behavior. It was only later that fans guessed the heartwarming truth behind her unusual behavior. As part of Veterans Week 2015, Wheel of Fortune’s producers decided to do something special. In honor of the contribution made by America’s service men and women, the show would have a military theme. In addition, the week’s episodes would only feature current and former combatants as guests. Following a smooth sailing episode on Monday, audiences sat down expecting more of the same on the following day. Indeed, the November 10, 2015, episode started much like any other. Host Pat Sajak introduced veterans Steve, Troy and Nura, and the game proceeded as normal. Within a few rounds, it became clear who was going to win the game. In fact, by the episode’s penultimate round, Nura had swept the board and secured $13,970 in the bank. In contrast, Troy had bagged just $4,300, and poor Steve hadn’t managed to win anything at all. As the episode entered its last speed round, Nura was the definite fan favorite. After Troy correctly guessed “T” in the two-letter clue word, audiences turned their attention to Nura, expecting another sensible play. However, what she said next left them more than a little confused. With complete assuredness, she uttered the least likely letter possible: “Z.” Naturally, audience members and fellow contestants alike were baffled. For example, Steve – smiling for the cameras just a minute earlier – furrowed his brow and stared at Nura in utter disbelief. Sajak also couldn’t believe his ears. “Say that again for me,” he requested. However, rather than realize her apparent mistake, Nura instead repeated her original answer. “Did you say ‘Z?’” the host asked once again. Nonetheless, the contestant remained completely unfazed. “As in ‘Zulu,’” she said firmly. “Z.” “You did say ‘Z.’ Okay.” Still visibly shocked, Sajak turned to face the board, which – to nobody’s surprise – failed to light up. Brushing off this answer as a momentary lapse of reason, the host turned to Steve, who rightly guessed the letter “R.” Following this, Troy correctly called “S” before it was Nura’s turn again. This turned out to be another disaster as, although she didn’t suggest a bizarre letter again, Nura simply declined to answer at all. However, she was at least able to come up with a letter in the next round. As a bemused Sajak turned to face her, Nura decided upon another bewildering choice. “Q,” the contestant cried out. By now, Nura’s antics had started to catch on with viewers and the Twittersphere was full of fans expressing their disbelief. “Is Nura drunk?” wondered Mike H. Meanwhile, after the contestant made another weird choice, a confused Breanna Sooter asked, “WHY IS THIS LADY GUESSING Z, X, AND Q FOR THIS PUZZLE?” However, the best quotes of all were reserved for host Sajak, who responded to Nura’s strange guesses with barely contained frustration. Indeed, before the guest’s penultimate round, the exasperated host muttered, “I wonder what letter Nura will call?” Moreover, she certainly didn’t disappoint. “X,” she answered. ************************************************************** ►Image credits: Image: YouTube/MarioGS BAV Image: United States Department of Defense ►web: ► SUBSCRIBE US: ► Follow Us On Google Plus: ► Like us Our Facebook Page: ► Follow On Twitter: ►For more articles visit: ►reference: #watchjojo

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