With Just 1 Wicket in Hand, Kapil Dev Hits 4 Sixes in 4 Balls to Save Follow-on vs England at Lord's 🎥 Cricket Sports | Channify

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England vs India Lord's Test : Watch Kapil Dev's Heroics at Lord's in 1990 as he smashed 4 Sixes off 4 Balls to save the follow-on, with just 1 wicket left. During the 1st Test of the 1990 India tour of England at Lord's, India required 24 runs to save the follow-on, with 9 wickets down in the 1st innings. At the other end was No. 11, Narendra Hirwani. So Kapil Dev decided to explode in his inimitable style by clubbing Eddie Hemmings for four consecutive sixes to avoid the follow-on and ensured that England would have to bat a second time. It was murderous assault, calculated to perfection. A sequence of sixes, savage, soaring, spectacular and straight. Each of the four sixes were hit high and straight over the bowler’s head. Four times the bat struck the ball, the impact ringing out around the ground. The follow-on was avoided by a single run, but it could not have been saved with more splendour. It required a Kapil Dev to do this. A man built with the all the ingredients of a legend.

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