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Most Asian countries they are so Rich in natural living food such as Fish, crabs, snails, eels, frogs, and so on. People have their own styles and different ways to catch those animals for food. As in this video, my sister use only CoCa Cola Drink to force the fish out of the holes. Let's see how she easily catch them. Please SUBSCRIBE the channel for more upcoming videos. Other video: ​ You can search in other languages too: Capturer du poisson avec la technique COCA COLA COCA COLA 기법으로 FISH 잡기 使用COCA COLA技术捕捉鱼类 قبض على الأسماك باستخدام تقنية COCA COLA Поймай РЫБУ с техникой КОКА-КОЛА Thank You! MySisDays Team

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