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Please be advised: I have edited most of the hunting sections which may have been a bit too graphic for younger children, but there is still a small scene in the Dire Wolves section which shows an animated wolf eating a carcass. I take no credit for the content of this video. I have simply edited existing videos of National Geographic's 'Prehistoric Hunters' and Discovery Channel's 'Prehistoric' shows found on YouTube into one file for Educational purposes in line with the new UK National Curriculum for teaching the Stone Age to Primary aged children. This video looks at a few different, but very real, animals from around the Stone Age. This includes: The Woolly Mammoth and Mastodon, The Giant Beaver, The Mega Bear (Short Faced Bear), The Sabre Tooth Tiger (Smilodon), Dire Wolves and Early Man hunting these animals. The point of this video is to provide a single, accessible source suitable for Primary aged children to quickly, and visually, learn about Stone Age animals.

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