The Last Druid - Documentary on Ben McBrady of The Old Gaelic Order 🎥 Biological Informational Videos | Channify

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Documentary describing the life of the late Irish druid, Ben McBrady. Ben McBrady, known as Brady of the Name and Herenach of the Two Kilmores, was Aircinneac and Herenach of a pre-Druid Megalithic Order called “The Old Gaelic Order,” often referred to simply as “The Order.” Ben McBrady is believed to have been the last member of “The Old Gaelic Order.” Because of this he was called “The Last Druid.” He passed away in January of 1996. Ben McBrady was a descendant of Lugar MacLugair (Lughaid mac Loeguire), who was Chief Druid of Ireland and Druid to the High King Leary and the Kings of Leinster. Lugar MacLugair was also believed to have been a member of “The Old Gaelic Order.” __________________________________________________ (Produced by Testbeeld and Directed by Jan Dewinter. If the original film makers have any issues with the sharing of this film, please contact me)

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