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Perhaps the most common fear that all humans share is the fear of venomous animals. In fact, the fear of spiders and snakes are the two most commonplace phobias. Usually this fear is misplaced as the vast majority of snakes and spiders are completely harmless, however, I’m afraid that this video won’t help abate any fears you currently hold. Some of you may end up avoiding certain parts of the world because of some of the animals mentioned. The animals on this list are ordered by increasing subcutaneous LD50 (Lethal Dose 50%), so the further up the list we go, the smaller the amount of venom it would take to potentially end your life. Find us on Twitter ➽ https://twitter.com/DuoFishLists Find us on Facebook ➽ https://goo.gl/sn9oJD Subscribe if you'd like ➽ http://goo.gl/r8FYdo http://imgur.com/a/K6muR Here's that image of Australia if you want it. Spoilers for Venomous Animals (With Sources): _______________________________________________ 15. Blue-ringed Octopus (LD50: 0.3-0.36 mg/kg) https://goo.gl/7zTjJ1 http://goo.gl/UBHetl http://goo.gl/zTWrLZ 14. Stonefish (LD50: 0.300 mg/kg) http://goo.gl/UjlEf9 http://goo.gl/Sc6bTq http://goo.gl/E6QmqX https://goo.gl/TjXkx5 https://goo.gl/ef5uJg 13. Deathstalker Scorpion (LD50: 0.25 mg/kg) http://goo.gl/OMtoDP https://goo.gl/D3rK98 12. Mojave Rattlesnake (LD50: 0.21 mg/kg) https://goo.gl/nLF52N https://goo.gl/ZAasB4 11. Assassin Caterpillar (LD50: 0.19 mg/kg) http://goo.gl/GdVGzu https://goo.gl/ZrBMW0 10. Sydney Funnel-web Spider (LD50: 0.16-0.25 mg/kg) https://goo.gl/rWxvCo http://goo.gl/us0fFl 9. Brazilian Wandering Spider (LD50: 0.134 mg/kg) https://goo.gl/Ppqor3 http://goo.gl/YQCaSP 8. Maricopa Harvester Ant (LD50: 0.12 mg/kg) https://goo.gl/dDK9ye https://goo.gl/H71zR1 7. Black Tiger Snake (LD50: 100 μg/kg) https://goo.gl/ef5uJg https://goo.gl/L8V8mU https://goo.gl/bIvX8G http://goo.gl/KzuEvf 6. Many-Banded Krait (LD50: 90-108 μg/kg) https://goo.gl/3WXKlv http://goo.gl/vfH9Sz 5. Dubois Seasnake (LD50: 44 μg/kg) http://goo.gl/mN3LRT http://goo.gl/2qf01F https://goo.gl/06pr1y 4. Sea Wasp (LD50: 40 μg/kg) http://goo.gl/09IgHv https://goo.gl/ox5IRN 3. Eastern Brown Snake (LD50: 36.5-50 μg/kg) https://goo.gl/tqILZu http://goo.gl/x8F7Rx 2. Inland Taipan (LD50: 25 μg/kg) https://goo.gl/Z0gCQN https://goo.gl/BIrZyZ 1. Geographic Cone Snail (LD50: 12-30 μg/kg) http://goo.gl/JrCXDH http://goo.gl/eJ6ErN https://goo.gl/BhGa8t Australia, why are you such a scary place? It's almost as if an ancient civilization created it to house a great secret guarded by the world's deadliest creatures. THANK YOU ALL for 11k subs, we were just crossing the 3k mark when we released our last video! [Music] ---------------- Background audio copyright Teknoaxe (https://www.youtube.com/user/teknoaxe) Track: "Scientific Reasoning" Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/ Seriously, we recommend supporting Teknoaxe by visiting his website and learning more.

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