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The experimentalist Nikolay Vasiutin copies the ancient Egyptian technology of granite drilling: a copper tube and a grinding agent (corundum). Evidence of ancient machining? "It often happens that on various Internet forums and social media I have to communicate with people who do argue that ancient Egyptians had zero skills. Though all of us read about them in schoolbooks and watched some films. In other words, ancient Egyptians allegedly didn’t have tools and technologies necessary to create all those things which are shown to touristsin Egypt nowadays.For even guides in the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo say they don’t know how such impressive bores in granite could be made". The experiment was carried out for the ANTROPOGENEZ.RU ( The video was first presented on June the 5th, 2016, at the "Scientists against Myths" educational forum. "Principles of tubular free abrasive drilling" (Oleg Krugliakov): 🎬 "Out-of-place artifact: 100 years of deception": Subscribe to our channel: ⚠ Olga Vdovina and ANTROPOGENEZ.RU invite you to back a new experiment: creating a diorite vessel with the use of ancient technologies and primitive tools: Eager for more experiments? Become a Patron: Experiment participants, apart from Nikolay Vasiutin: - Aleksandr Sokolov, ANTROPOGENEZ.RU editor; - Oleg Krugliakov, owner of the "What the ancients could do" forum (; - Valeriy Senmuth ( - Vladimir Morozov ( Specifications: Total work time: 8 hours. Tube diameter: 50mm. Drilling depth: 50mm. Tube runout:15mm. Total weight of the bitbrace: 11kg. Camera and edit: Vladimir Morozov ( Involving music and photos by Valeriy Senmuth ( English translation: Dmitrij Kazak English voiceover: Dmitry Oliferovich French subtitles: Irna Osmanovic Spanish subtitles: Luca ML German subtitles: Yury Erofeev (С) ANTROPOGENEZ.RU with support of "Polniy P" Studio Contact: Skype: ya-kudzo

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