Tokoname Master Craftsman - Hokujo (Genji Shimizu) 伝統工芸士 清水源二 🎥 Ancient Technology | Channify

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Translation of video - see down here. Photos: Genji Shimizu (artist name Hokujoh) Full member of the Japan Arts Crafts Association Master of traditional Crafts Translation from gorou some - thank you He said 05:48 Is it interesting. next,I make a handle and spout 07:15 This is a handle. 10:02 next,top 12:05 Roughly good at this 12:08 I think it interesting if you look at the contents and cut 12:21 Basically good teapot is easy to hold,put out to the last tea,Good looks and light. 12:57 put out to the last tea 12:39 We are only tilt and tapping the teapot in order to serve tea to the last. 12:52 Finally themselves choose the teapot, in the color and shape of preference 13:02 Hey I'm sorry. Thank you. 13:23 It is made thin to make the light teapot 13:26 Since it becomes dented when you had a teapot, bottom and around shave spatula leaving a thickness. 13:33 Other places have left a trail of line that stretched clay. And I bake 13:43 Feeling is a feeling like touching the skin of people when using the teapot. 13:47 Teapot has a hard feel made by cutting the surface with a tool. 13:51 Teapot becomes soft feel when you thin by using the rotary table. Translation from comicker9999 - thank you I 'm a Japanese, I explain words that he said at the end. "I gonna tell you how to choose Japanese tea pots(kyusu) of good quality. First, being easy to hold it,and good appearance,and being easy to pour tea. A color or form and the design depend on you."

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