Flathead fishing in the South East Trawl Fishery- Danish Seining 🎥 Ancient Technology | Channify

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This video was created, shot and edited by Alex Inwood. Let's join Skipper Ant and deckies Alfie and Buzzy on a beautiful day off Lakes Entrance, Victoria, Australia as they fish for flathead. Watch the video (or click the time stamps below) to see the Danish seine fishing method from start to finish, plus some scientific data collection to support the management of the fishery and stock assessments. Don't miss the seal scouting around for a free lunch. 3:21 haul begins 5:35 net in sight 6:00 cod-end in sight 6:45 fur seal turns up for free feed 8:05 fish being graded (size classes) into bins before being iced for market 9:04 scientific data for stock assessment being collected: fish measured, sexed, ear bones (otoliths) collected for ageing 11:00 undersized flathead released alive

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