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Dean takes us on a tour through the 2019 Serenity, featuring an all fiberglass curved body, two separate living areas, and beautiful curved solid wood cabinetry. To learn more about the Serenity: https://leisurevans.com/build/serenity/ Explore the Serenity: https://leisurevans.com/serenity/ Features: https://leisurevans.com/serenity/features/ Floorplan: https://leisurevans.com/serenity/floorplans/ Photos: https://leisurevans.com/serenity/photos/ Virtual Tour: https://leisurevans.com/serenity/virtual-tours/ Design: https://leisurevans.com/serenity/design/ Specifications: https://leisurevans.com/serenity/specifications/ Owners: Resources: https://leisurevans.com/owners/ 01:55 Exterior 09:57 Mercedes-Benz chassis exterior 11:26 Interior 14:12 Rear living space/sofa bed 16:08 Bathroom 18:50 Galley 23:15 Front living space 25:48 Mercedes-Benz chassis interior 📅 Upcoming dealer shows: https://leisurevans.com/events/category/dealer-shows/ 📷 Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leisurevans/ #LeisureVans #ExploreWithSerenity

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