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Prospecting and sampling old mining claims and dump piles for gold values that may have been overlooked when the price of gold was lower. Bulk testing and sampling gold ore is an important part of gold mining feasibility and profitability, but is often over looked. This video shows how to use MBMM equipment to carry out a bulk sampling and testing plan. For more info please email or call: Email: Phone: 360-595-4445 Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: AFFILIATE LINKS What's an affiliate link? If you use our link to buy something, MBMM gets a small percentage of the money you spend. This DOES NOT mean you will spend more money using our link, you will spend the SAME AMOUNT of money while also supporting a small business and channel. Anhydrous borax: 1lb ( 5lbs ( Silica sand: Soda ash: 1lb ( 5 lbs ( 50lbs ( Chapman’s flux: Lye: Litharge: Crucibles: #4 ( #10 ( fire clay ( Cupel: Lead: Koalwool: 2” x 12.5’ ( 1” x 25” ( ) Water glass (sealant): Fire bricks: Shop vac: Electric furnace: Propane: Propane regulator and burner: Tongs: Heat safe gloves: Gold pans: Gold screens: Scales: 0.01 ( 0.001 ( 0.00001 ( Magnets: Refractory cement: Pan for roasting sulfides: Complete smelting furnace kit:

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