Knife Making: Full Tang Clip Point Knife 🎥 Ancient Technology | Channify

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For my knifemaking video series here is a clip point knife I made this week. Zebrawood scales and 5mm thick 1070 high carbon steel! If you want more detail and to download the template of the knife for free check out my instructables article here: Rate, comment and subscribe if you hadn't already. Also please share my videos if you want to help me out :) To make this knife I used many of my diy machines and tools, here are all the links to those video in order of appearance: Motorized Turntable: ► Metal Band Saw Stand: ► Deburring Tool ► Belt Grinder: ► Soft Vise Jaws: ► Blacksmithing Forge: ► Blacksmithing Tongs: ► Electric Oven: ► Disck Sander: ► HDPE Mallet: ► ★Music★ Getting Dirty - Silent Partner ★Knifemaking related video★ The Walking Dead ► Kiridashi ► Leather Sheath ► ★Last week video★ ★Next week video★

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